“It’s seemed” – ♦12♦

We were out of that world, and everything we were feeling in those instants, it was filling all that time, that we had passed far one away from another, and in those instants everything of our world it was reuniting in that silent embrace in front of that redbrick wall.
Ocassionally, and at the same moments, we threw away air from the lungs, as if we reconquiring our spaces. 
Only our breathes made us understand, that we were awake, and this was enough for us.
I was caressing your chest, and you was caressing my hair, and occassionally you kissing them delicately.
We were tasting every second of that moment, because, we knew, in someways, they would be few moments like that one, now that we had know about that slimy creature was free around in that city, and maybe we would be involved in that story, willy-nilly.
And we knew, even, that every that little universes in which we were landed, it were caused by us.
Our Parallel World was the Sun of that little universe, and every these places we had visited, were like little sattelites.
Just in those instants, we were realizing all this. We knew were thinking about the same thing: we were doing the same reasoning. 
We had no need to say a word: our electric shocks were hammering our heads, and i could feel your heart was beating like a crazy. Softly i took your hand and i’ve placed it on my breast, and even my heart seemed going out from my body.
In those instants we wanted stay embrace, and feeling our flows run fast in our bodies.
Just to rembember how we have met us, and make it flow slow inside us.
Our thoughts crossed, and just with a soft touch of your hand on mine, made me lifted my face toward you, and that soft touch, it made everything explode around us. You was looking at me, like that first time: awkward, but infintyely sweet, scared that i got hurt in my goofy fallen. From my side, i dived in your eyes and i was wrapped by your deep voice, that in this case, you was whispering slowly my name. 
Delicately i moved away one of you curl from your face, and also me i sighed your, and it seemed that those names  were merging in the air in a small spiral, making explode much more our emotions inside us.
We wanted make disappear all this, but we knew it was not possible, and more we went on, more we were reasoning on this, more we got back to the start point, and it was useless go foward.
Slowly that thought was gone away, and withouht thinking, i putted myself above your knees, and we have started to looking at each other, and little by little your hands has kept my hips well tight, while i was lifting my skirt, and our glances became deep, and my face was approaching to your, and one of your hand was sweetly touching me under the white skirt, and that shirt over your shoulders was sliding over your arms.
Our lips touched, becoming a passionate kiss, and a tiny moan of mine, has dead in your throat.
Without turning off any lights, we went upstairs, and there you laid me on the matress following me immediately after, continuing to touch me between my legs, and that kiss we given on the sofa, has continued on the bed.
We wanted feel us closer than ever. 
To forget for a long instant what we had discovered, and to be just us, and becoming just one soul, and we became it when you have delicately got inside me, and slowly you thrust were became always more faster, and my moans were merged with your. 
Just one instant before to reach the orgasm at the same moment “I love you” was came out from our mouth.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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