“Just as soon” – ♦11♦

Opened the door the liitle puppy Wolf jumped in the great paws of his dad, and turning himself, embracing him, he said me aloud:”I’ve told you… i’ve told you they would be back!”, and slowly you came in front of me, and for a second we remained in silence, and as if you wanted really realizing that i was really there, you have tightened my hips toward you.
And then, in a whisper, almost sighed, i asked what was happened outside.
With all calm the Giant Wolf, with his puppy around him, has took something to drink for everybody in the room, and gently we sat, who on the floor, who on the sofa, and you have threw on the little table in front, that sheet of newspaper, and when the little puppy wolf has seen the mugshot, has looked at his dad with a questioning face, but it was you to reply him.
“He has escaped from the police station, immediately after shot this mugshot. The Phillip’s Bar was unrecognizable…”  for a second our glances met, and in those seconds, without say a word, we have say us everything.
“It seemed that the local police had collected all the citiziens of the city in that pub.” it had added Giant Wolf and he told us also about the two greenish detectives black dressed. 
“Greenish?” i asked. My questioning face have stared your, and with just a shy nod, you have let me understand that, yes it was the city in which we have met, but now, we were the only human beings in that city full of creatures like those of Blue City
Me, i didn’t want believed in all this, but more i was seeing that mugshot, more i had to conviced myself that, perhaps what i have seen in that sheet of newspaper was not fruit of my imagination, but the only rough thruth. 
A greenish slimy creature, maybe armed, it was going around in that city, perhaps planning another crime, and the Giant Wolf , maybe was the latest who have see him escape away, and now, for real, this apartement was the only safe place in which we could remain
We everybody remained in silence for long time. Even the little wolf, who usually was the most agitated, now on the big belly of the Giant Wolf, was calm. 
We everybody were dived in our thoughts about that slimy creature who was looking at us through that mugshot. You was embracing me, and i have leaned my face on your chest, and your breathe was lullabying me, and sometimes our thoughts were meeeting, and they were doubtful, but more the time was passing, more those thoughts vanishing, and that mugshot was becoming just a picture on the table.
The big breathe of Giant Wolf made fallen asleep the puppy wolf and with agility, the Giant Wolf saluted us, and  with his son, he went inside the warm storage next to grey door. 
All in a sudden, we remained alone on that couch, and all that scenario that it was presenting itself in front of us, it seemed disappear.
Even if the apartement had not a fireplace, a warmth surrounding it, and we remained embrace, and our hearts beating at unison. 
In one only thought, we both, we have relived all those emotions in that apartment. Our  soft touches, our delicate kisses, our soft skins, and above all every sweet whisper we said.
And then, your desire to pronounce my name aloud, has resounded in the apartement. I just looked at you, and you have sweetly approached my face to your, and your lips leaned on mine, and our hearts going crazy.
While the slimy creature was looking at us trought that mugshot, but in that instants, it seemed doesn’t touch us minimally.
We were just us in our apartment, enveloping by what we were feeling in those instants.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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