“When you have” – ♦10♦

Seen th Giant Wolf change his mood, you have thought what he have seen the evening earlier was so terrificant as much, also to scare a big animal like him. 
He was still looking at the mugshot in that sheet of newspaper in your hand, and almost he could feel the bad sensation that slimy creature was able to transmit trought that evil eyes.
While you and the Giant Wolf  were about back toward our apartment, someone inside of the Phillip’s Bar has indicated  you to the black dressed creatures who were seat aloof  at “my table”, and one of them said us to stop.
The Giant Wolf wasn’t been never involved in something like this, and he was a bit nervous. Maybe, unconsciously, he knew, to be the latest creature that had seen the fugitive creature, and adding a simply thought, those black dressed creatures were two detectives. 
Just one of two speaking, the other took notes with as such rapidity, that you are remained almost speechless.
“We are collecting some testimonials of who have see the slimy creature, and you were one of the latest persons/creature who has entered in the local. So, can you give me hints. Did you ever see him around before?”. While the greenish dectetive was asking the same question for the milionth time, the other with the bloc note in hand and a pencil in the other paw, was sketching your faces for don’t forget who have given this or that answer, and at the same moments, he was writing what you or the Giant Wolf was saying to the other, who was squaring you in each tiny face expression, even if he knew that his patner was the best in these things.
Those dectectives were both black dressed but just two details, was distinguishing one from another. Their necktie: one bright green, and the other bright blue, and a black hat well shod in the head to cover their both red eyes, that peered each your movements.
The Giant Wolf seemed scared also of these two dectectives, and when they has left you, he sighed you “Maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t like them at all.” 
Thoughtful, you have looked at them first then your big furry friend.
Without add any comment you have sighed him get back home.
You had still that sheet of newspaper enveloped in your hand: you wanted show me to it and when you would be back in that safe place, tell me everything what you have seen in those streets of that quartier, and more you was walking toward the apartment, more the latest words of Giant Wolf, could take some form in you head, but even, were words of a furry giant scared only in a dark street of a unknown place defending his little puppy. 
And now you and he were getting back home, he was joking on what was happened. 
But apart from everything, you wanted to talk about it with me, and now your walk was becoming faster.
You wanted back to me as soon as possible.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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