“For a while”- ♦8♦

We everybody remained in silence to reflect about what the Giant Wolf had said us just few minutes earlier, and everythng matched, and without doubts the fear of the little puppy wolf, while his dad was describing that greenish and slimy creature, it was not a joke. 
He was really shaking, and his glance toward his big dad, was a thankful gaze.
Then he concluded his speech explaining: “When you was arrived, that creature is escaped away, as if he had fear to be captured.
You have looked at me then the two wolves in front. And also i knew what you have would say after, and it would been a dangerous thing,  but it was the only thing to do.
We had must assure us in which place we had come to, or at least in which other strange dimension we were.
I knew, even that what you was about to say didn’t would like me, but i threw away the air from the lungs, and for a long minute i held it back for then exhale it away in a long and deep breathe.
After a worry glance shared with you and the Giant Wolf, slowly i went in front of the only big window that illuminated that open space, without say nothing. 
The puppy wolf has followed me and he seat next to me shaking a bit his tiny tail. 
He wasn’t stupid, and he was understanding my worry, about what his dad and you was about to do.
“We should take a glimpse outside”  had said the Giant Wolf in a sigh, trying to don’t make himself hear from me.
You have just nodded, and slowly you got up, and you came to me, swetly embracing me from behind as you was usually doing
For a second everything around us became blurry, and just we hearing were our breathes that magically were merging one another.
But that magic instant it was lasted short.
Your words filled that  big space, and they resounded like an echo in my heart. “The Giant Wolf has right, we should go outside to see…” It was useless to continue, they both had right. 
In someway, someone must had to go to check what was happening.
I have closed the eyes while you was saying it, and your arms were tightening me. 
I knew, in that embrace there was your big desire to remain next to me, but at the same time there was that big fear in that question that was hammering our heads: “If it was not been that world that we had expected?”, and by now,  we both knew, that we  have could expect everything. So, delicately, i spinned myself into your arms, and our glances met, and even if i have would like say “Don’t go” i smiled you, caressing your sweet face, softly reaching to your neo, i have whispered just two words: “Be careful”, and with just a sigh, you have said me how much you loved me
In meanwhile the Giant Wolf reccomending himself to his son to be in guard everything could happen around, and he rembembering him which yelp he must had to do in case of really danger. He was ready, even to this evenience.
I threw away all the air i had in body seeing you and the Giant Wolf crossing that grey door.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐” We smiled us” – ♦7♦

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