” We smiled us” – ♦7♦

And after we kissed we fallen asleep.
We hadn’t thought even about the Giant Wolf and his smart son.
But during the sleep the glance of the great animal has disturbed us. 
When you was came out to look for them, he was already, roaring against something or someone, and when he has saw you, it was a victory roar, as if you was there for proctect them against whatever creature they had met in that dark angle of the street.
It was a fast thought that has ran our minds for several minutes, then our dreams were became lighter, and the sensations that we had felt during that love act have surrounded us, and slowly we looked for one another, till to finish to be embraced each other.
That day we have slept as if we hadn’t sleep for days, but some good perfumes from the kitchen, have wake us and some small giggles, has filled the silent apartment.
Slowly, we settled for a bit on backrest of the bed, immaging the scene downstairs. 
We shared a sweet glance, and a second later i remained dazed for what i was seeing, and in which other universe i was diving.
Your eyes has been one of the things that i really were missed in that last period, and i was looking for to catch each tiny shades of them.
We remained in silence for minutes, then your deep voice has enveloped me. “Let’s go to see what they are preparing”.
Without make noise we went down for half the stairs, and for a while we were remained perched there.
The sweetness of the Giant Wolf toward his little puppy was so moving: without realizing you had tighted me sweetly, listening to some words of him told to his son. 
Whispering he was saying to him “We must be careful how we can say it to them”.
Pretending to be just woke, we went down the stairs, and with a smile you have said “The delicious perfume waken us!”
And the Giant Wolf with the greasy apron has serverd us the breakfast. 
We were not longer used be served by someone from long time, that we felt embarassed. 
“Please don’t be embarassed, it’s just a way to thank you for have taken us with you…”
“This little deserve to grow without to escape from nowhere” i said  looking at the little puppy laid on the floor next to us.
But as soon i have finished to say what i have said, both animals has changed mood.
We knew, there was somenthing was wrong. Our common thoughts had right.
The Giant Wolf has left us finish the breakfast, leaving us on our stools, while he was seating on the floor next the sofa.
Without make us see, we were questioning what he wanted say us.
You have helped me to reach the sofa, then you got back in the kitchen to put the dishes in the sink. 
I looked at the Giant Wolf hoping he could say something, but as i thought, he wanted wait for you too, before to speak.
You sat next to me, and i taken your hand in mine.
“I don’t know, if this is the real place from where you come from. I mean… it looks like the place from where you come from, but i swear it isn’t. This apartment is the only safe place from outside.”
The Giant Wolf have confirmed  what you had seen one moment before noticed him, outside in the dark: he was roaring against something evilnish. 
Something of greenish and slimy. At the just thought, the puppy wolf got back next dad’side, and at the end, we looked at us, questioning:
“Where we are landed?” 
Our glances looked at forward, while a sensantion was emptying everybody.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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