I’m feel you

Are coming behind me and delicately tight my belly toward your body.
You don’t say nothing. Our hearts begins to beating hard, and our heads are spinning strong.
Your hands are tightening my hips. I remain breathless. I feel just your breath surrounding me, and slowly my fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard.
My lump in the throat it doesn’t make me swallow.
More i write, more i feel i’m about to go crazy.
What i saw last night, has made me beat the heart stronger, and maybe i didn’t wrong. My sensation says me, it was you.
Everything is spinning around me, and what i’m feeling is your closiness closer than previous days, and maybe, perhaps it’s because tonight you have caressed my soul, and delicately i’ve feel it.
You are softly touching my belly, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing up much more.
Every light sensation i’m feeling it’s taking me in Our Parallel World, there in our apartment, where the magic is the real owner.
Owner of our emotions, of what we are feeling in these instants.
Everything is so floating, and for don’t go crazy still more, we must have to throw away all the air from the lungs.
Everything we are feeling it’s so wonderful. 
They are our breathes, our emotions, but above all our hearts that are beating at unison, 
And your arms are tightening me much more, pulling me sweetly toward your body.
At the same instants we throwing away air. It’s this distance that big wall that is block us, but our connection is bigger, and everything seems closer. 
It’s enough close the eyes, and we are one close another, and i can feel your hands around me, your eyes straight inside mine, and your breath is enveloping me sweetly.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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