“We had” – ♦6♦

Said to the Giant Wolf to seat on the sofa, but immediately after we had noticed that sofa, for us the most comfortable, for him it was the smallest couch in which he could seat himself. After one big attempt, he decided to seat on the floor, and without thinking i did the same and you have followed me. We were be used to seat on the floor when we were eat in that angle. There were no problems, on the contrary: it was the gesture for say us “We are back home”. We had moved away a bit the table, and with the back lean on the sofa, you have put your arm around my back, and delicately you was tightening me much more every breath i have done.
The little wolf, in meanwhile was discovering each hidden angle of the apartment, didn’t caring about what we were talking about with his dad.
We said once again him how much we were been egoist towards them, but he have understood the whole situation since when he has collected me fainted, on that street. 
“She has started to talk about you, since she has opened the eyes” he said, looking at you that you was holding me, secretly my hip. Blushing, i looked first the Giant Wolf, then you, and gently i sighed:”Yes, that’s true” nodding., and without realizing, i caressed your face. 
We got ourselves something to drink, and we were relaxing ourselves thinking about what we had faced up till now. 
The Giant Wolf has wanted to know in each particular of the story of Blue City, and slowly we have started to tell it to him.  And once me, once you, we have added details  that one or another had forgot.
Slowly also his son came close to us to hear that fantastic, and in someways surreal story, and occassionally he launching some glances to his giant dad, who was understanding that maybe it was time to speak when the story was finished.
That night seemed the longest night we had passed waken. 
Scenarios after scenarios we had describe all the defeat of Zora, but more our words were filling the apartment, more something in the big, but in someway, small eyes of Giant Wolf, it was outlined something that maybe it have would be scared us. That’s he didn’t know, until he would have open the mouth to speak. 
He would wanted that we passing, at least that night without thoughts.
We were just be back at our apartment. We had just made love. We had reached the peak of the passion, and for sure, he didn’t wanted be the bird of ill omen tell us what he had saw outside the apartment.
We were still enveloped by that sense of peaceful, and each our glance transpired what we had felt among those damp bedsheets.
The Giant Wolf had understood it immediately, and he was so happy for us.
After that long chat, he looked at us, and he said ” You have need to rest more. Go upstairs. Even us, have to sleep some hours. I’m sure my son has find the right place for us” and he has looked at his little puppy, and he called him next his side.
Slowly we got up and as usually you have taken me between your arms, and we went upstairs, while the two wolves were looking at us.
“Dad… why you didn’t have said them what we have seen outside?” asked the puppy wolf.  “It wasn’t the right moment…”
He said that looking at the mezzanine where there was our bedroom, and then he asked to his son, if he had found a place for to sleep  without disturb. 
Proud, the puppy conducted the Giant Wolf, inside a sort empty hidden room, just next the grey door, and there they becoming one and only  ball of fur, they fallen asleep.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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