And in just these minutes, when we remained alone, you are come by my side and sweetly you have started to embraced me delicately. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing up, and everything around us is becoming blurry. 
We are just surrounded by what we are feeling one for another, and each day is become stronger, and everything you say me i’m able to feeling it. My soul is start to shake inside.
Your arms are tightening me toward your body. 
I leave ajar my mouth.
Everything around us is made by our emotions, and Our Parallel World is enveloping us, and sweetly we get inside of it.
Delicately we are going crazy. 
Everything around is vanishing. We are existing only us.
Our soft punch is growing much more, and our connection is here.
Slowly that thread is becoming bigger.
We must throw away all the air from the air from the lungs, but it’s almost useless. Our closiness: mine for you, and your for me it’s almost tangible in the air. It would be enough to close the eyes, and we would know we are close one another.
I’m feeling your hands around my hips, and i can hear your voice say me something that only you want let me know.
My heart is beating like crazy. You are pulling me much more toward you.
Delicately you are kissing me.
Everything around us is exploding. Just our emotions making us survive.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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