Your glance

Your embrace, your arms around my belly. Our heads, our eletric shocks that literally makes us going crazy, and everything of Our Parallel World is slowly surrounding us, but above all our great emotions that we can feel, is all concetrated in our soft punch in the stomach, and this ipnotic music, that is  making us get connect us one another always more.
Everything what we want, what we wish is here, inside our hearts that beating strong and at unison. 
We throwing away all the air from the lungs, and everything what we wish is stay embraced, listening to our breathes enveloping us sweetly.
Tell me you are listening to even you everything this, around you. 
Since has began all this among us, everything it’s  so magic.
When i feel your embrace inside me, it’s where i want stay for the rest of my life.
When i feel our eletric shocks, i know you can feel me, and you want say me something, and when i start to shake i know your closiness is closer than usual, and we could even touch us.
What is happened five years ago, it’s the most important magical thing that has happend in my life, and it’s happened with you.
Maybe it was the universe wanted it from long time.
I just know i feel your closiness closer than usual, and i know you are feeling it too, despite all this distance between us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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