“What we knew” – ♦5♦

It was that we were got back in our apartment and we had just made love in that bed, that maybe we had  wished it alot, and we had forgot to questioning us where we were really landed. 
For sure it was that apartament, in which was born everything.
But little by little, what we had noticed,  it was all the white curtains closed, usually always open, even during the night.
Maybe we were still dazed, perhaps we had to rest a bit more, and everything it would got back normal itself. 
Me, i was among your arms, and your sharp but in someways much sensual perfum, was surrounding me, and now i could thought, also, to be in another surreal place and i didn’t care. Now the only thing important it was that we were inside that apartment, and everything around us looks familiar, and the most important thing was i was embracing you, listening to your heart beating, and that flap of your shirt, with your breathe, it was soft caressing my skin, and i was thinking to stop the time, just in that exact instant.
But just in that moment you have kissed me, and then you got up from bed to move away the big white curtain next to the bed that covered that window, that it was always been opened.
Some lights entered in the room. In someways, we had recognized some buzz, and for sure, they weren’t buzz of our peaceful Parallel World, and in that exact moment in both our minds, we have seeing Fenkuz, Pyr, The Markùts, Kapi, The Big One, The Leaner One, The Little One, and in that instant we looked at us. In a whisper i asked to you: “Will does we meet them again?”. You have looked at me with wide eyes open and have replied me: “I hope so”, then you got back look at outside to look for to understand where we were for real.
You had recognized that red roof with the grey chimney pot, and in someway, something sad covered your face, and you have left fallen again that soft white curtain on the floor.
I immediately catched your changed of mood. Sliding on the big bed toward you, i sighed: “Hey what did you see? Where are we?”, and sweetly you gave me your hand and right after you have embraced my belly from behind. 
Once again you have moved away the curtain and you made me see the red roof with the chimney pot, and in a whisper you said me: “We got back to the start point..” then you have tightened me much more.
We had no need to speak: our eletric shocks were doing it for us.
And what has jumped in our minds, imnediately after that instants of silence, we had said it aloud, looking at us straight in our eyes.
“How much foolish we were been…”it has been our common thought, while we were going down. 
You have taken me among your arms, and while you accompanied me to the sofa, you have said me:”You stay here! I go to look for them!”
You went out, and fortunately you have no looking for long. 
They had found a safe place just next to the wall of the apartment. The darkest. And they were become just one big ball of fur and the Giant Wolf was roaring you, defending his little puppy.
I have decided to go out. They knew me better than you, so when they have seen me, they got calm.
Going to them… in middle of them, i just whispered just “I’m really sorry, excuse me much… we have just tought to us…” The Giant Wolf knew that my words were coming from the bottom of the heart, and the little puppy wolf was starting again to shake his small tail.
“We have alot of space inside of that apartment, you can stay where you want” you have sighed, looking at the little wolf who has wanted be taken by you. Me i was tightening one of the big paw of the Giant Wolf.
Slowly we entered again in our apartment, and we had left the little wolf run in.
We both excused us once again with the Giant who nodded smiling us.”



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