In these hours

My thoughts is just for you, and maybe you are feeling it. 
I feeling the soft punch in the stomach growing much more, and in someway, something it says me that you are thinking, even you, to me. 
My head is spin like a spinning top.
Everything turn around Our Parallel World and on what we have created, thank our great emotions. 
I’m throwing  away all the air from the lungs, but what i’m feeling in these instants is bigger, but what is making me feel in safe is your sweet embrace around my belly. 
When you spin me toward you and what i see inside your eyes it’s that magic that is spreaded around us the very first time, after that dream, and everything around was become lighter.
In our deepest, we are still thinking about it.
Everything it’s so magical, and we know it.
Even now, we feeling us connected, and everything born from that sensation we feeling inside the stomach. 
It’s what we feel it make us goes on, despite our distance.
You are tightening me more against your chest, and i feeling it.
And this feeling that make me feel alive. 
And that’s you and nobody else.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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