“Finally” – ♦4♦

Eyes in the eyes, we lokked at each other, we could not believe to stay alone in our apartment, without nobody around.
Without realizing we looking at around, as if we were questioning us:” Are we really here?”. Everything while we were going upstairs, as we have done many times, before all this craziness. 
It seemed was passed a century before to got back in that bed: and it was how we have left it. Unmade, but with fresh bedsheets.
“Oh my god, it is like this i rembember it” i sighed, while we acrossed the door of the room. That magical bedroom.
It was like, if every memories, perfumes, rustles of  our clothes resounding inside in.
As the first times, you have laid me on the matress with all your delicatness, and our eyes didn’t wanted take off one from another.
Our hands were touching our bodies, as if we wanted feel us real, and not like if we were just fruit of our imagination.
We laid  face to face dazed from what we had done till that moment. 
Those we could feel were just exclamations inside whispers, and what we were seeing inside the eyes of the other, was just the wonder how much our love was able to realize, set free, defeat what it have in front, and at the end, to realize, how much strong our connection was, for unite us once again. And all this has flew in the air among those four walls covered by the redbricks.
Slowly i closed the eyes for an short time, inhaling the air. 
You was looking at me, maybe understanding, what it was spinning in my mind, but you have wanted have the certainty i was ok, and with just a whisper: “Hey… what’s up?”
Just in those second i was really relaxing myself, and with a bit of embaressement, i’ve stared you, and then i said:”I forgot how much it was enveloping, your perfume…”, and that one i’ve done just a second after it was so spontaneous, but in the exact moment i blushed much.
I was loosing myself inside your eyes, while you was understanding what were my intentions, and in your deepest it was what you was awaiting for too.
You have left my hands touched sweetly your shirt, and slowly that piece of cloth has fallen over your shoulders, while the only perfume that was inebriating me was your, and everything what we were feeling, were our hands on our bodies. 
Perhaps it was the very first time, after all, that really we leaving us go
Those sweet kisses were real magic, and all in a sudden, even my shirt flew on the floor, and the only piece of cloth that still soft touching my skin was your shirt, that it was there where i wanted.
All Blue City and everything it containing, it was becoming a blurry cloud, and our sweet whispers, mixed with tiny moans, were taking us in our little world. 
It was as if it was passed long time that we haven’t make love like this: soft and delicate, and above without any consequence. 
Just a simple love between two persons like us, and even the most verginal, and maybe it was just what we have needed.
Among sweet glances and sweet touches, we were saying us, without say nothing, how much we have missed us during these latest days.
We threw away all behind us, when you have looked at me deeply silently, and gently you have open the legs, and all in a sudden that love has become delicately much more rough, and i have waited for your penetration leaving my mouth ajar and you was about to kiss those lips.
We seemed still inside that spiral, while our souls merging one another, and our heavy breathes were enveloping us, while we were looking at each other whispering our names, we had reached the orgasm.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“That thrust”- ♦3♦

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