“That thrust”- ♦3♦

Was becoming faster, while we were embracing each other and our connection was making us merging one another. 
And that white dot was opening itself always more in front of us.
It was the door that we had whished alot, since when we’ve been sucked in that dusty and white spiral. 
But at a certain point, the thrust, seemed got slow, and everything around became darker.
It seemed to enter in another vortex, and perhaps it that was so.
The only thing that it was making us feel in safe, was our strong embrace, and everything was surrounded us was made our emotions, and we were filling our lungs by the oxygen of the other.
What we had noticed, entering  in that new dimension of that same spiral, was the deafeaning silence, and what it was presented was the same long oak wood road, that i ‘ve crossed in the camper with Giant Wolf and his son, and like a bomb exploded inside us, a simply question that little by little, was growing up, and not even, we have formulated it, was spinning in our minds, and maybe, most likely we must had to take that decision in the shortest time possible. To make enter Giant Wolf and in his son inside that white dot with us.
That white dot was slowly vanishing, and we questioning us “In which other enviroment would we be fallen?”, also if  what we were seeing, was for sure the grey door of our apartment. And if it was an illusion. And if we opened that door, we wouldn’t have find that redbrick wall, that i loved from the very first time i came in.
It was a decision to make immediately, and exhaling the air, we nodded. 
In that moment, we have thought to have made the right thing, but it seemed, we had reasoned alot on what to do, but from them there was none signal. Nothing of nothing. They seemed got back in that city where we had left them. 
For a second we looked at each other with wide eye open. 
We didn’t have take the opputrunity to take them in a safe place like our apartament, if ever, it was that behind the grey door, that we  were reaching. 
By now, we had saluted everybody, and with some little regret for the Giant Wolf, we arrived in front of the grey door, and a blinding light surrounding us.
We remained there for a second to stare at each other, and in those instants, everything we had passed it seemed us just a dream, when the grey door has been open and in front of us the Giant Wolf with a greasy apron above his tuxedo he exclaimed: “Finally you arrived! We have thought you was lose yourself…”
Speechless, we entered still dazed. 
“So…? ” it was the only word that was came out from your mouth, and the Giant Wolf just shrugged, while i was smiled to the small wolf, looking at me around. 
Oh my god it was for real our apartment: your favorite angle of that big open space, the sofa, the little table in front, and those little stairs, and  redbrick wall… I threw back on the sofa speechless, while you was still walking around in that big space, as if  you was there for the first time.
“I’ve prepared something to eat… if you want ” said the Wolf, sighing to his son to leaving us alone.
Realizing we were finally at home, we were looked at one another, you have sighed me:”We got be back home”, and we have stared for a second the upstairs, then i nodded.
You have helped me to got  up, and as if we didn’t never left that big space, you have taken me among your arms and we went up.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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