And what

I felt yesterday, in someway has became reality.
I remained breathless, even if I should be used to these things among you and me, but everytime i shake the head, and i say myself :”It’s not possible” instead it is so.
I feeling your arms embrace tightening my belly, and maybe you want say me something more deep.
I close the eyes and sweetly i throwing away the air from the lungs.
I start to feel my head spinning, and something is slowly growing inside. That’s our soft punch in the stomach, and sweetly our minds getting connect each other.
I feel, even you are throwing the air from the lungs in your dreams, and you are feel my embrace like i feel your.
Our connection is stronger in these hours.
I’m feeling closer to you than usual, and it’s the most sweet thing that you can give me trought Our Parallel World.
I’m biting my lips, because i’m feeling your hands tightening my hips, and in a sweet whisper you say me: “Let’s dance…”
Our glances dive one in another, and our lips are delicately laying one another.
Our hearts beating strong at unison.
Our slow dance begins.


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