When i was

On television i started to feel your soft embrace, and my head has starting to spin like a spin top, and even now, your embrace is strong. 
Our soft punch is growing more in these instants, and i feel is about to happening something special among us.
Everything is becoming lighter and in someway heavier. I don’t know how i can explain this emotion that is surrounding me from several hours.
I’m biting my lips at the idea that i could literally going crazy. 
And you are here close to me, just looking at me, and slowly coming behind me, laying your face on my shoulder, whispering the most sweet and at the same sensual words that i have heard.
I’m thinking to your reply at my question, and what i’m feeling inside me, i know, it’s come from your words that i must still to hear.
Everything it’s so crazy. Another person has assured me that you have answered me, and i never met that person before.
Surely, my question has unleashed something of important, and it will has scratched a bit your heart.
Our connection have feel it, and now you are thinking a bit more about me.
Our heads are going crazy, our souls are softly touching, and that what the soft punch in the stomach is saying us.
Sweetly, and slowly, despite our distance, we are  approaching always more.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, for don’t going crazy more than necessary.
Morever i’m surrounded by all these double numbers. Does it will mean something?


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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