“Across that spiral” -♦2♦

We were pushed to make come out our deepest thoughts and emotions, and each of us, were capable to read them without open the mouth.
Each of us, was thinking at the same thing, and for that, there was no need of any kind of magic.
We just wanted arrive in our appartment, in or not in Our Parallel World. We wanted just to lay on that bed. 
Only cross the grey door, make those few steps and throw away everything what we had passed, make those few stairs, and throw us  in that big bed.
But, maybe the travel we had just undertaken was just at the begin.
We were going slow, and like in the black hole for to go in Blue City, the push was still light, but on the contrary in the empty black hole for Blue City, this spiral, little by little, it was filled by every creature we had met together or individually. 
It was like to cross a long tunnel with little frames, in which we could see each creature, who in their own way, were saying us a “Goodbye” or a “We will see you again”. 
The very first creature in the frame, has been the agonizing tree. I had a jolt, and you knew, how much i had shocked to see him asking mercy, while he was bleeding. While he was saying me once again.”Thank you, for everything you have done for me”, you have tighted me strong. 
Slowly i threw away the air from the lungs, and then i launched a glance toward you. 
You was remained breathless, while my heart started to beat stronger than your, because i knew, from now on we would have meet all them inside their little frames.
It was a definitive goodbye from the creatures who has died in that battlefield that was become the main boulevard of Blue City, but also  a hope to sse us again for the others, above all for The Lizard, who has bowed himself taking off his pointed iron helmet in sign of grateful, and in his little frame, was even the beautiful Chamaleon woman. We both smiled at him. There was no need of  the magic to know that among them would be born something. 
To see all our friends along that spiral who saying us, more or less “Goodbye” it was becoming the most hardest journey of return we were doing. Each of them had beautiful words of grateful.
The elegant Mantis with her red and gold military coat has reccomend us to feel what we had inside. “Your hearts are the most powerful weapon you have” she said us while her frame was closing.
Ram with Stu and his little Army have repeated what they ha s always said us: “We never met persons bravest than you”, and even Ram bowed himself at our pasasge.
Like a parade, we were saluting everybody. 
Even the Whale with her great song has wanted salute us, and she has wanted show us, in that little frame, she was wandering free over Blue City liquid sky.
It was the most beautiful thing that we were seeing in that spiral, and for a moment, our both eyes got wet.
We remained in silence, while, slowly, but with a stronger thrust, we were approaching more toward that small white dot, that it would enlarged more.
During in that journey, we had still passed a minute in that storage room, and in that minute every sensations, seemed expanding around us. That bed camp, those iron structures, the squared window, everything it was as if we had left it.
That white big blanket.
A common thought went to Bill, and we had saluted him with a whisper.
More every memories were resurfacing, more our desire was to get back in our apartment was becoming harder.
Sweetly, you have embraced me stronger, and we looked at each other, while our soft punch in the stomach was growing more.
In someways, we knew, were approaching us to the end of that spiral: nothing more little frames. Or it was what we believed.
That little white dot was becoming always bigger.
We have closed the eyes and we threw away the air from the lungs.
You was tightening me more against you.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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