“We have throw away” – ♦1♦

All the air from the lungs, while we were taking the flight sucked by that spiral. 
We were entering in a black hole, similar to that one to enter in Blue City, but it was less obscure.
We were surrounded by that light white, and almost untangible white dust, while our bodies were touching, and your hands held me back stronger toward you.
We were flying far from that city, that was got back at the normal, and moving away we have noticed the big silhouette of Giant Wolf walking up and down next to white bench, and in a sigh i said them “Goodbye”. 
It seemed they had feeling it: in the same instant they have lifted their face to the sky, and in a blow of wind, everything disappeared.
The only things that were remained tighted around my body were your hands. 
That soft punch in the stomach was growing up more, each time our thoughts intertwinned each other, and our whispers reminding us that intimate place, that in those instants, we yearned much. Our apartment in which our emotions were born, and in someways, they wanted explode once again. 
Holding me back tight, slowly, you have spinned me toward you, and once again our eyes has dived one in another, and you have embraced me stronger, while delicately our lips has touched.
We were going grazy. Those sweet and delicate kisses were opening, maybe, another level of our connection: maybe the most precious, since when we met at the bar of Phillip.
The most hidden part, inside our hearts, that we were feeling to have, but in someways, it was still unknown.
Softly we were flying, dragged by a interior force that surrounding us, and it made us travel inside that dusty white spiral.
We both could feel, something grow up inside, and in someways it was changing us. 
While our whish was taking us where we wanted.
Everything around us it was expading, but in someway it was becoming smaller.
It could be seemed claustrophobic, but it wasn’t at all.
It was like stay in an amniotc liquid, and everything we had done together, it seemed was being born again, and our connection it seemed make itself stronger.
Unconsciously, we knew, that even if we were divided once again, it would been easier find us, but we knew, also, that it wouldn’t never happen not longer.
Shyly we smiled at one another.
Our eyes didn’t take off one another.
Our slow breathes were became tiny whispers, and our hearts were beating strong at unison.
You was looking at me deeply, then you have make me merging, kissing me delicately
I have closed the eyes and sweetly i slided my hand inside your shirt.
Our eletric shocks were going crazy.”


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