I’m still shaking

My head and i’m still laughing. 
Just when you have released that interview, i have had those visualizations, by now, it’s not by chance at all, a coincidence, and i see you are smiling. 
I told you our connection is making stronger each day is pass
I knew you have replied my question, one of the most intimate i’ve did to you.
My heart is beating strong. In a soft sigh, i whisper you, for the umpteenth time: “Thank you”.
Since when i woke, i was feel your arms enveloping my belly stronger than usual, and my head wanted to explode.
I know this is our way to communicate, and it’s the most beautiful, intimate and sweet.
And this your smile it contains everything we feel one for another, and every our little coincidences, that are happening one after another, show us what is born among us five years ago, it is fast developing around us, despite our real distance, and it’s very magical.
Even now, that i’m writing you, i’m feeling your closiness stronger. 
I must throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t going crazy. 
My heart will be beating  strong till i will listen your answer to my question.
At the idea, my fingers shaking on this keyboard.
I look at you smiling, like this, i’m diving with you slowly, in Our Parallel World.

Listen to it ⇓⇓

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