You have made

Me have a jolt. Even you with bare foot.I hate the shoes, for everything i had to face. 
I’m biting my lips, and in silence im saying me:”It’s fine” but in my deepest, i know that’s incredible. 
And this reminds me alot the very first dream i’ve done with you.
My soft punch is growing up more, and everything it sorrounding it, is becoming more magig than usual.
Maybe i’m going crazy, but you are helping me much.
I didn’t wanted believe to the coincidences that Our Parallel World is putting us in front, but this is one of biggest.
I feeling your arms enveloping my belly tight, and without realizing, you are saying me many things, that in front of them i can remain only breatheless.
“I love you much” it’s the only thing i can say you whispering your name.


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