“What we had need ” – •20•

Now, it was to stay really alone: just us. You and me, and me and you. 
All in a sudden, like in enchantment, we had left that white bench, and we were walking next to that sea, and the soft windf was caressing our faces, while we staring on the ground, and our feets were leaving their footprints on the beach.
Without realizing, we were leaving that strange place. 
We were slowly moving ourselves away. We hadn’t say, not even a “Goodbye”, to our friends, but on our deepest, we knew, it was so, that it must have to go.
We were slowly leaving that strange city behind us how we entered it in.
The sound of the sea was accompanying our thoughts that were merging one another.
Occassionally, i have closed the eyes for feel better your hand that was keeping tight mine.
We both, knew where we wanted to get back, but in someways, to accomplish this magic, someone of us must had to asking it aloud.
We had walked a long time.
By now, that angle of the city it was very distant, and the noises were just audible.
We could just go foward, and it was our only desire.
So, you threw away the air from the lungs and you stopped: delicately you have caressed my hips, and you putted yourself in front of me.
We looked at us deeply just for a second. You have taken both my hands, and it seemed me to stay in another dimension, already.
I held back the air then i threw away from the lungs, and slowly i stared at you.
Slow but powerful, above us it was formating a spiral, ready to swallow us.
We knew to put our own life once again at risk, but more we were looking at each other, more we knew that we must had to do that. 
We both, knew we must had to make us this question. You have gave me a soft caress, and i have kept that hand and i leaned it on my breast, and in a soft whisper, i sighed: “Everything it will happen, wherever this it will take us, far or close one another, my heart will beat together with yours”. Slowly i nodded. Together, we threw away all the air we had from the lungs, and you have pulled me toward you.
Now our breathes were merging one another, and a warmth has surrounded us.
That floating atmosphere, it was taking us far, despite we were still in front of the sea.
You have closed the eyes, for a second, and then you have formulated part of that question that it would have marked our lives for good or bad. 
“…Where do you want i take you?”.  
Throwing all the oxygen away, you have looked at me, tightening me more to you. 
Our bodies were touching, and i lifted my face to see your eyes, while you was approaching your lips to mine, i sighed “Take me in our appartament”. While i was saying the last word your lips leaned on mine, and a soft and bliding light has lifted us up to the sky, while our eletric shocks has crossed our minds and they has surrounded us, and slowly we entered in that spiral. 
Delicately, you have tighted me, with your arms, and we have started to fly away from that place.
Our hearts has began to beat strong.
Our names were became just whispers.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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