When i saw it

I’ve thought immediately you have put just for let me know you have read what i wrote you, and i think i right. 
When i saw it i had jolt.
It’s a crazyness, but it’s like this we communicating, and now the soft in the punch stomach is growing more.
I feeling your hands surrounding my belly, and my head is about to explode.
Everything is in this real world, and magically is transforming is something that is taking us in Our Parallel World.
Your sweet whispers are getting inside me, and is bring me in our apartment
There where wasborn everything.
I love all this. 
I would remain for hours to stare you, there ahead that redbrick wall, saying me that is not true… but you are, there.
Everything is so incredible, and the only thing i can is smiling blushing.
You are launching me small signals, and i’m collecting them.


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