“We didn’t still”- •19•

Say nothing. After all, we have found ourselves again. 
For me, to hear your breathe enveloping me, it was the most assuring thing in those instants.
After a short, but intense moment of silence, in which were collected all our thoughts, you have asked me how did i have reached that city. 
Slowly i started to tell everybody how i met the Giant Wolf and his son. “They have found me fainted on the street, just with that wound already bandaged” and i looked at it, and then i lifted the face and our glances met, and in a whisper just aimed at you, i whispered: “It was the only thing that i had of you..” and both we have saw it. By now it was just a dirty piece of cloth. 
“The Giant Wolf wanted to throw it away, but i told him just what i said you: if i hadn’t found you, the piece of cloth it was the only thing that had of you”.  It was of your shirt, and in someways, it had still your perfume on… very distantly, and in someway, that piece of cloth it has kept alive the hope to see you again.
“Where are they now?” asked Amber, who now was on my legs staring straight in my eyes. I smiled her delicately, and i replied her with the same sweet tone of voice: “When i felt the necessary to walk in these streets, i haven’t noticed any engines machine, if you see the only engine machine wandering in that city, you have find them. They have left their city, since when someone has murdered the wife of the Giant Wolf, and maybe they have found in this city the right place to stay. They are strangers here, and from what the Giant Wolf said me, when has taken me, they were travelling from days and days.”
You was looking at me, speechless. Our glances met again, and without explainations: “I have felt the need to walk. Our connection was becoming stronger and without esitations i directed myself toward the sea. The electric shocks has brought me here.”
I threw away the air from the lungs with the eyes closed, while you softly was touching the hand, and sweetly you was tightening it more.
“I have understood that i was in the right place, just when a little werewolf has indicated me screaming something like “They are similiar”.
Abe delicately  has interjected in my speech, and said us:”That game is taught to all baby creatures for distinguish the dangerous among the good ones, above all after a hybernation like this one”.
“It has been your presence first” – Abe continued indicating you “Then your strong connection to shake this sleeping place… and…”
He didn’t have finished to talk, because we have heard a big blow and a little cracklings of something mechanic.
Some familiar voices reached to me, and i got up whispering “Giant Wolf!!!” I started to run toward that hustle and bustle. 
A big cloud of smog was rising up to the sky, and  little by little several creatures have surronded the machine.  The only engine machine in that city. While the big creature was touching his great head, while was checking if it wasn’t happened something to the little creature next to him, i came foward toward him:”Is it ok…?” The Giant Wolf didn’t have still noticed that was me, and he replied as if he didn’t wanted further disturb, but when the little wolf has lifted his sweet face and he recognized me, he ran toward me and he tightened me strong saying me my name. Then he has shaked his big daddy, screaming “Daddy!! Daddy she’s Daria!!”, and the Giant Wolf has focused himself, and then, also him recognized me, sweetly smiling me still confused due the crash. I came next to him and i helped him to up, and slowly even you came to give a hand.
The Giant Wolf was taller than you, and even if he could scare, at the end he said you:” Treat her good, she’s a rare diamond…” and you remaining speechless, you have nodded him.
Reached the white bench, The Giant Wolf  presented himself and his son to your friends, and after understood that the camper was gone, he have looked at everybody, and the only who has spoke, was Amber and she has suggest them to stay.
While the new strange company was suggesting something to do, without making us noticing we have moved away, hand in hand.
After a while, just Abe noticed our leave and in a moment of silence, he sighed: 
“They are gone”.


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