“Just after” -•18•

We  kissed us , we have realizing what was really happened. We remained dazed to looking at each other.
We weren’t just visions one another, and everything we were touching were the face, the soft skin of the other.
I remained to stare your eyes, in which i could see just our souls merging one another.
It seemed we stay in our magic bubble of Our Parallel World, and in someways we were inside of it.
Everything around us it was going  slow, like our emotions, and we were inside of that soft spiral that slowly it was sourrounding us.
You was speechless, but i was able to see what you was feeling in those instants, and what i was feeling looking at you it was chocking me.
It seemed passed an endless time from when we fallen asleep in that storage room in Blue City, instead, on balance, were just passed, at least three or five days.
Our glance didn’t want take off one from another and our moves were still delicate moves. 
It seemed we had ran from miles and miles, and our hearts were beating like crazy, despite, we were stand still one in front another.
We hadn’t still put in row a phrase, just small sigh and whispers, while our connection seemed was burning all what we wanted say us.
All the creatures, from the bigger and that could scare more, to the tiny who didn’t care about what was happening on that angle of the street, seemed got slowing to look at us, and some of our magic seemed have touched them.
None of  us hadn’t spoken still, when you whispered: “I have thought to have loose you.. but our eletric shocks….”
Your words had pierced me, and i hadn’t held back my emotions. My eyes got wet and your forehead touched again mine, and i continued: “Our eletric shocks… your eletric shock have coducted me to you.”
You stil was looking at me breathless. Sofltly i caressed your face till arrive to your neo, and there you have taken my hand, and you have kissed it so sweetly that i have believed to take the flight.
Awareness, we were finally together, delicately we awakening from that limbo of emotions, and that one that it seemed our magic bubble has fallen all in a sudden, and we dived eachother in the buzz of that city, and the creatures has started to push us in that mess of that street.
I had forget how much it was sweet your touch. I had jolt, when you have taken my hand. For a second i remained to stare my hand in your: everything seemed restart from that moment. I stopped, and you have looked at me wihout asking me anything, you have awaited for me, then in a whisper you said me:”I would like to present you someone…”
You have looked at the hand that keeping mine, and with a sweet gaze, you have smiled me, and slowly we have reached the white bench. 
Amber was looking at me as if i was an old friend. In those glances we had shared, we had said us everything we had need to know, but she added something: “He loves you.. he talked us about you as the most important person in his life…”, and while she was talking, another little creature was approaching to us, and he has finished the speech: “Also when he was in silence, he was thinking about you, and they were strong thoughts as much his love was great for you” who was speaking was Abe, who was presenting himself like great gentleman.
The last who spoke was the blue mailbox:”And when he was able to see you throught my banner, he remained dazed, just like when he saw you here the first time, and he whispered your name many times… He loves you more than his own life. Your love is one of the most precious thing that the whole universe has given at two special persons like you”.
We were stand still in front of the bench, but all those words, had me emotioned me as much i had to sat down.
Delicately we sat one close another, hand in hand, but sweetly you have embraced me, and i leaned face on your chest.
While i was feeling your heart beating, the words of your friends were resounding in my head, and your small kisses on the forehead made me feel, finally, where i wanted stay. With you. 
A tiny teardrop fallen from my face.”


Listen to it


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