“I was sat” -•17•

In that little corner, seeing all the creatures who were passing in front, forbidding me to see the sea. 
Every those strange creatures were crowding that little piece of street, and my eyes could not see, not even to an inch of the nose, and their size, big or small were fighting to pass first. 
I was feeling like a crumb, in that crazy place, that it seemed still looking for its right placement in the universe.
Everything seemed going fast, and that it was. 
It seemed still looking for an own nucleus, from where it starts again
I had said to the Giant Wolf that i would have find the tranquillity in the middle of  that chaos. I was wrong. Totally i was wrong!
To be alone alone in that mess, it have scrambled my fragile emotions, but in someways i was doing the right thing. 
“How is it possible?” i was questioning me.
The soft punch in the stomach was there, and i could not ignore it.
Slowly i was isolated myself from all the that were surrounding me in that instants. All the creatures who were passing in front on me looked at me, as if i was, even me being part of  their world. 
Someone, passing from the left part of that sidewalk, has noticed me, indicating to the creature next to him, the other “creature” similar to me. For sure, they were the mom with his son, and they reminded me The Giant Wolf and his little puppy wolf, and the sad story of his wife, and mom, has distracted me from what the werewolf mom was saying to his son: “Don’t indicate, it is rudeness”. 
Passing in front of me, she excused herself. “It’s ok, it’s fine” i sighed and i smiled at him. 
The little werewolf, spinning the corner exclaiminig “Yes they are similar!” 
For a instants i didn’t catched what he wanted to say, but i lifted the face up, and as cloud that was vanishing, the creatures who were preveting me to see ahead, has opened a small gash, and i saw the white bench.
Everything stopped, even my heart, then right after has started to beat like a crazy. 
You was, there. Sat on that bench by side to a blue mailbox, a sort of  sloth who was embracing you and was looking at toward my part and an yellownish little creature on a little branch sistemated on the back rest of the bench.
I would have recognized your silhouette among millions, and it was you. 
That little werewolf was playing to match at least two creatures of the same genre, and he had taken the two Jolly of the city.
I would liked run toward you, but everything restarted to run fast in front of me, but someone hadn’t take off the glance from me, and i could feel it.
Between one creature another, our glances staring. 
I threw away all the air from the lungs, and one of the powerful eletric shock has crossed, not only our minds, but also all the city.
Amber looked at you for a moment, and you have understood. You have looked at her, and delicatly you have put her on the bench.
Slowly you got up and you have spinned yourself.  
We remained dazed to looking at us, in silence, as if we were the vision one of another, but, maybe also uncosciously, we were approaching one another, and when we reached us, we have just sighed our names, while you was tightening my hips, i was touching slowly and delicately your face. 
In those endless seconds, just trought touches, caresses and small breathes, we were telling each other everything, and our souls were merge one another. We haven’t stop to throw away air from the lungs, as if we could not believed to whom we had in front.
We had fear, even, to kiss us, but slowly our foreheads has touched, and without realizing, slowly our lips touching.
That kiss’ magic made moved away all the creatures who were walking by side us.
Kissing us, in the middle of the street we seemed the owner of the whole universe.
“Daria….” – “Luke…” 
Our whispered names flew in the air.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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