Ok, i want

Believe that it is not just coincidence, but this is a real fact: you are making me going crazy. 
In these hours has happened everything. 
You made me see  that red brick wall… of our apartament (yes i know isn’t… but it’s so similar) and i had a jolt when i saw it again, and when i heard you would to come in Italy, my heart has stopped to beat for a while, maybe coincidence…but i don’t believe.
Everything is surrounding us and Our Parallel World. 
Everything it seem becoming more magical that we had imagined.
Now your words are enveloping me like your embrace surround my belly.
We stay in silence.
We are hearing our souls speaking, and what we have need right now is to think again what has happened last night. 
You in our apartament. 
That’s what you really want, and unconsciously, you let me knew it.


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