“By now” -•16•

The streets were filling themselves by creature of each kind and size, and the buzz was increasing. 
Each creature was giving the welcoming again to the others with its own “Hi”. 
The camper was the only kind of engines machine that was ran slowly in those streets crowded of the awakening inhabitants
Me inside, was looking for you in each face of those creatures.
The Giant Wolf was more cautious, while the only free by bad thoughts was the puppy wolf who was looking happy at outside of the window of  the camper. I was behind the seat of the driver, and what i was seeing in that instants it was a city that was reborn, and those inhabitants in street, almost didn’t recognize themselves, and that deafeaning buzz was increasing each minute, and slowly it was entering inside me.
I knew that you was close. Little by little our eletric shocks  had crossed our minds and they had crossed our bodies, making us thrill always more.
In those instants it was passing in my mind everything and at the end of  each thing there were you, with your eyes, and your sweet smile.
Inside that camper everything seemed goes fast. Haste in everywhere and in everyone, even if they didn’t know where to go.
Slowly i closed the eyes. I took a long breathe and i threw the air from the lungs. 
I was feeling in a cage. I had to go out. I had to find the calm in the middle of that chaos, and by now the camper was stopped due to the traffic jam of creatures. It was surrounded by them.
“I go out” i sighed to my companions speechless – “I must”.  I looked at the Giant Wolf:  he understood my neccessity and he nodded. 
The puppy wolf would have wanted come with me, but the words of his daddy were been so convincing that they have would conviced even me in an other situation. I looked at the small wolf, and caressing him, while he was yelping. 
“It’s not a goodbye, but i must find him, do you understand it?” the little one was looking at me while he nodding at me. 
“Sure he will have knew another creatures, and when we will meet again i will talk about you. Surely he will want to know you”
While i was going out from the camper, i assured myself that they would had found a place where rest better, but my thoughts were still confused. That city was as soon awakening, but the Giant Wolf for don’t contradict me he nodded me.
When i have opened the door of  the camper, my companions looked at me, and i have heard the Giant Wolf sigh to the son:”Your mom would be proud of her… she will get back”. 
To a side, leave them, made me feel the worst person in that world, but from the other side, it was a thing that i had must to do alone, as much as i could do it.
I started slowly to walk toward a small street, with you in mind, but everything seemed filling itself by other things, and at the end, even my thought were covered by that sensation of defeat, while a soft long eletric shock crossed my mind.
I was sat on a litte wall. In front of me the sea. While our eletric shocks still continuing to crossing my mind.
A bit ahead toward left a white bench.”


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