You are come behind me, and softly you are embracing my belly.
The rustle of your shirt making me turn the head, and delicatly i close the eyes. 
Sweetly the punch in the stomach is growing, and i feel your closiness always more.
When i checked your instagram and it apparead me that screen, i felt your arms that softly has embraced me delicately: our minds got connect one with another. You have know that i saw your story, and i knew that you have knew about my visualization. 
Someone can say, we are spying each other, and maybe it is so.
My lump in the throat is chock me, and your hands are tightening me more against you. 
Our minds are connecting one with another stronger.
I love this  magic among us. 
Since when it has began our connection, despite we are far, in someways, we are closer each day.
We throwing away air from the lungs, for don’t going crazy.
Our Parallel World is made even of these emotions.


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