“As a lightning” – •15•

That thought crossed all that awakening city, also it crossed your mind, and in a soft whisper, my voice has surrounded you and your friends.
You sat again on that bench, throwing away all the air you had in the lungs, and you sighing “She’s here” you looked at Abe and Amber.
“I don’t know where is she, but i know she is here”.
More you was repeating those words, more my voice seemed making itself more clear. It was so clear that it believed i was  there, behind you in awaiting for you turned yourself. 
You was feeling the soft buzz of the other creatures who were walking along the street, but among those creatures, i wasn’t there.
I was still enough far, but our connection was stronger than usual, and that was a real fact, and my voice was still in the air, but slowly it was vanishing. 
You have close the eyes. You wanted hear every fades of my tone of voice, till it was audible.
It was merging with the soft buzz, and when it flew in the air, you have softly pronounced my name, as if  you have could keep it tight in your head, for don’t make it escape away.
That chasing of whispers, was strenghtening itself our connection, and our eletric shocks seemed going crazy, and everything was spinning around our energy that slowly it was spreading in that city. 
We seemed two magnets that, more they approached one another, more their magnetism became stronger, and our eletric shocks were tangible in the air of that city, and without realizing  we have been us to make rise it again, despite our distance.
A blow of wind was sweet slapped your face, and you seemed awakening yourself from that sensation.
Everything around that bench seemed going fast. Now, also the buzz seemed increased, and more creatures were crowding that corner of the city.
One of them seemed have catched the attention of Amber, who seemed scaring herself more.
One of those was approaching itself to the bench, also why its approach it was enough deafeaning.
Amber, more that creature was approaching, more she has gripped tight to your chest.
She was tightened herself to you much that you wasn’t able to move. Abe on his little branch, was looking the scene, with all calmness, and you wasn’t able to decypher, if that appproaching creature was really dangerous or not. You  was hearing that deafeaning noise consisting of  scrap metal and big breathes.
It stopped for a while behind the bench. It seemed take breathe again. Amber jumped from you and she has placed in safe to the other side of the that really strange creature.
Slowly that strange creature was presenting himself in front of you. It was a blue old moldy mailbox with two big eyes who was looking at you trought that tiny slot.
It seemed that there was another creature inside that mailbox. Maybe there was, maybe not.
It didn’t have waited for you had talk to. It did first: “I could not to listen to your speeches about her. I came just as soon i have could. 
I can show you her, where she is…” with a big and profound tone of voice, almost as if he was coming out from cavern.
He knew, he would have leave you breathless. You have looked at him with wide eyes open, and just with the facial expression, you have asked him “Where!? Where i can see her?” 
Abe and Amber were standing still, even them in silence, dazed from what they were seeing. 
The mailbox creature it placed himself in front of you, and explained you what you must had to do: “Just take off the dust from this white banner.” 
“It’s a bit like the Alladin lamp”, you have sighed. “Yes it is, but it’s also bit sofisticated.” he has replied you.
For a minute around you, everything stopped, even the buzz of the city. 
Just the sound of the sea, it was the only sound that was entering inside you.
You looked at you around. Abe and Amber were just two silhouettes next to you.
You have throw away the air from the lungs, then slowly you have take off the dust from that white banner of the blue mailbox.
“Daria…!”  It has been the only thing that has came out from your mouth, then you remained there to stare me, as if i was really in front of you.
My name has flew away several times in those seconds. 
You was looking at me inside that camper with The Giant Wolf and his son.
“She’s closer than you could imagine” sighed the mailbox, or whoever was inside of it.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

⇐“While we were” – •14•

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