“While we were” – •14•

Going trought that city, everything seemed enveloping us in a warmth blanket, and every inhabitants looking at us as if we were something of real strange.
The strangest thing, instead, it was that slow awaken of that city, and those little eletric shocks that were crossing my mind, from before slow to become always faster.
I was in that camper with the eyes closed, and soflly i was touching my belly, almost unconsciouly, i was rembembering your delicate touch when you embracing me from behind, and silently our voices were calling one another.
Abruptly The Giant Wolf stoppped the camper. A creature with the appearance of a cheetah, apparead all in a sudden in front of  the camper.
With wide eye open the creature looked at us scared, and it ran away.
Slowly The Wolf has left again, asking us: “I didn’t see it, is you ok?”. The first who has replied to him was the little puppy wolf, then i said: “Yes, everything ok, don’t worry. They have to be scared more than us. This awakening, it have to have shocked everyone here, it’s normal that some creature may jump all in sudden in street. It’s ok”
From the rearview mirror he looked at me, and he shared a tender smile, as much as, may be tender a grin. I gave it him back.
Then sweetly he asked me: “How are you?”. I knew what he did meant. I didn’t know what could i say him, but the words came out like a swollen river, and everything i was feeling in those instants, has invested the camper, and everything it was dilating.
“I’m feeling chock, but in a good way. It’s like my soul wants coming out from my body. Now, it’s just in a cage. Little by little that we entering in this city, i feel his closiness make itself stronger. The soft eletric shocks are becoming more frequent. 
More i see these creatures along the street, more i rembember in each particular what we have done. The sensations that i’m receiving, i know it’s his. It seems an endless time that we are not together, but i know that is not so. In someway, even now, we are together…” and i left the speech suspended, and the Giant Wolf hasn’t insisted. 
He knew what i wanted say. His furry face had  wear a nostalgic mask
Slowly he started to tell me why he had taken the little wolf, and why he was escaping away.
“They have murdered my wife in an ambush. I was with him that night to hunt something, when we got back, she was lay on the ground without life. I taken him, and from that night i’m travelling in search of a safe place for me and for him”. The Giant Wolf looked his little puppy, who fortunately, didn’t heard anything of which hey said me. He was so concetrated to admire every those creatures along the city.
The Giant Wolf finished what he wanted say me, saying me:”I understand what you have said me, about his closiness.
Also now, she’s by my side “. 
We remained in silence.
He was thinking to her, and i was thinking to you.”


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