When you come to

Visit me in dream, then i’m tangled for all the time of the day. That’s what happened tonight.
I woke myself with the soft punch in the stomach heavier than usual, and my head is still spinning like a crazy.
I’m throwing away air from the lungs from before.
When i sat close to you, and for a moment we shared that smile, my head is literally exploded, and when you was about to taking my hand and you was vanished all in sudden, my heart was broke itself in million of coriandoli. That was our distance…
But in someways, it said me we are approaching more.
The soft punch in stomach is chock me. It is tightening me, it’s pulling me toward you.
And, in someways, i feel that you are feel it too.
The punch is growing up more, and it making me shaking all.
Today it will be harder take off you from the head.
When you come to visit me in dream, our closiness is stronger. 
We have no need our eletric shocks.
What we need is just throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t going crazy more than necessary.
We know eachother, more than we can imagine. 



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