“That city” – •13•

Slowly was filling of other creatures, but more it was filling itself, more you was feeling emptying yourself, as if you was giving something of you to that city, and that only thing that it was keeping you alive, it was to pronnouncing my name.
All the hopes were in my name whispered with all sweetness you which you was capable. 
Sweetness that, delicately has entered in that camper that with all careful was entering in that unnamed city. 
The Giant Wolf has warned us that we were crossing the doors of the city, even if , me and the puppy wolf, were looking at outside the windows, and we were, already, seeing what him was saying us.
I was leaned myself  on the driver seat for look better the panorama that it was developing in front of us. The puppy wolf was the most happy among us, The giant Wolf was the most cautious, more he entering in that city, more his driving got slow, as much as he driving slow, the camper has stopped, but right after, he restart the engines again, and the camper restarted to go.
I was  concentrated on a point, but it was if i didn’t see anything. I was blinded by the sun light that slowly, was illuminating everything  around us.
The yellownish colors was enveloping everything, and it seemed that the real gold was fallen on that silent city, that on contrary, it seemed awakening itself from a long hybernation.
Seeing that slow awaken, i threw back on my seat, closing the eyes, exhaling the air, and without realizing i touched my belly.
Who has noticed that, has been the Giant Wolf, who has asked me:”Is it everything ok Daria?”  I replied him just nodded.
Without realizing, on my face it was printing a small smile., while i was still softly touching my belly.
The Giant Wolf, wasn’t still sure i was ok, therefore he was looking at me trought the rearview mirror. 
He made me jolt, when he asked me:”Does hurt your stomach?” I sweetly smiling at him, and throwing the air from the lungs, i replied him:”No, on the contrary, it’s the most beautiful sensation. I was about to forget how much it was beautiful.”  Maybe, because he was concetrated on his cautious driving, but The Giant Wolf didn’t catch what i was just said him and on his face it was printed a strange smile. And surely, i didn’t wanted explained him in which limbo of emotions i was in that moments, but there was who had explain to him, what i was i feeling. “She is feeling him!” said the little puppy, looking at me, and slowly he was came next to me.
“I’m feeling him closer to me. He’s in this city. I know, he’s here…”
Slowly and delicate our connection was growing up, and more the camper was going inside that city, every our signals became stronger.
An eletric shock crossed my mind, and slowly every sensation i have thought have lost, little by little, were resurfacing, and every emotion i felt in that storage room, alone with you, were embracing me again.
By now, the camper was inside the city, and we were seeing all those creatures who was walking along the sidewalks of the city.
The most curious was the puppy who was looking at them with interest, occassionally looking at his daddy, questioning himself who creatures was those there. 
Despite that city slowly, it was filling of inhabitants, there were few noises, or few inhabitants who were speaking among them, 
In reality, they whispering, and that buzz that we were feeling it was their voices that merging one with another, and it was creating an uniform sound, and it was spreading like butter spread on bread, and that silence still in the air, it had must be reached by that soft buzzing.
Me, i was seat in that camper, while inside, i was feeling a vortex of emotions, that in a fast way, were taking me to you.
I was just hearing them, trying to understand where you was.
I closed the eyes, and slowly i threw away the air from the lungs and i sighed your name.
All in a sudden, you got up yourself from that white bench, and you looked at you around, looking for me you have whisper my name.”



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