It’s useless

To explain what i’m feeling, you know it
The soft punch is growing up more in my stomach, and your closiness it making closer each minute pass. 
You are coming behind me and you are embracing me strong. 
You are whisper me those words that makes me go crazy.
What is happened tonight is the umpteenth proof that among us there is something magical…. 
Our eletric shock just few seconds earlier then is happened what has happened. 
If i thinking about it i just can just shake my head, and say me “That isn’t possible…” Instead has happened for real.
I’m biting my lips, and my heart is beating like a crazy. 
More i want believe that’s is just coincidence, more i’m not able to.
Everytime it’s happen, something chock me inside, and a little voice from far says me “It’s everything real”, and then i must surrender myself to the evidences.
I feel our eletric shocks, and something happens, and it’s there in front of me, in front of us.
I’m not going crazy. 
Our connection is growing more, and we must surrender.
It’s our magic. 
It’s just Our Parallel World.




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