Here they are

All the feelings, and the connection is beginning. Slowly our heads start to spin, the stomach with his soft punch is entertwining us, and i feel your hands enveloping my belly and softly a light eletric shock crossing my mind, and you presence here, it making me shake. 
My heart is beating like a crazy, and you are looking at me like this.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and i feel your closiness closer.
My heart is pulsing strong. You want say me something. I feel it, and you know it.
My lump in the throat, doesn’t make me swallow. 
Our connection is stronger than usual, and you are here tightening me more toward you
Talk to me, but you remain in silence.
Your breath, it’s enough for make me understand  what is in your mind.
I’m going to explode. It’s enough a little your gesture, but you don’t do nothing.
You just tightening me my belly.
You  whisper me just to close the eyes in my ear. I hold back the air for the throw it away.
My throat is completely closed.
I just feel your hands are travelling on my body, and after few seconds, endless seconds, you say me:”Look at me”
My heart stop, and slowly i diving in your wonderful blue eyes.
Without say nothing, you approach yourself to me, and sensually, you start to touch my face.
Our foreheads are touched one with another. 
Slowly we leave ajar our mouths, then delicately the lips lean one with another.
Delicate kisses, soft touches, slow breathes, and you tightening pulling me toward you. 
And we remain breathless. 
Slowly, we are in Our Parallel World. You and and me. Us.


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