“After have” -•12•

Pronounced my name, Abe, has looked at for a while Amber, and she has understood the importance of that name for you.
She was looking at her human friend, and he seemed as if he was  lost and enveloped at the same instant by a great sensation.
Seemed that in those five letters, there was the real magic of whole world, and you had looked at Abe, as if you was questioning him: “Did you have heard how much powerful is it?”. You threw away all the air you had in the lungs, trying to feel something new.
A thin and soft eletric shock was crossing your mind, and at the end you have had a chill along the back.
Amber was remained to stare at you for all the time in silence, then you have started to tell her something about me:
“When she is born has faced up to many difficulties, but those difficulties has made became, the woman who is  today. 
She’s a witch, and she has gave part of her magic to me, maybe that’s why, you have heard my magic track, i’m just an human being. 
I’m magic thank to her. I would not know how to make a little magic without her next me. For her is so simple. 
Since she has opened her eyes… her wonderful eyes at this world, she know how manipulate the magic. She, always, have had the magic inside. We have crossed many troubles together, but it’s always thank to her great part of magic, mixed of mine, that we have exceed everything.”
With her eyes, Amber was staring you enchanted by what you was telling her, and hoping you could tell her more about me, she gripped on your legs, and she has putted herself in front of you, and for make feel her at safe, you have surrounded her with your arms, while she was looking at you straight in you eyes. 
Abe had suggested her the next question, while behind that white bench, it was animating something, and Amber had noticed that, but she knew that, if she had interrupted you, everything it would all be in vain, therefore she asked: “Tell me about these eletric shocks, what are they?” You looked at first Abe then she.
You remained in silence for several minutes, You was trying to look for the right words to explain what they were.
“Everything has begin, just few after the day we met for the very first time at the bar of Philip. I’m sure that it has been her magic to made it happened. We calling it our connection. It’s something that cross our bodies. It being born from the stomach and it’s spread till the mind and when it happens something regarding us, even if we, are far, like in these instants, in our minds it unleash like a small of lightnigs storm, and we  get connect one with another, and yes, i’m sure that has been her magic to made it happened. This our connection has united us more.” 
Amber was looking at you always more speechless by what she was hearing come out from your mouth, and at the end, she has wanted ask you: “And now? Are you capable to feel her?” You just nodded her, closing the eyes throwing away the air from the lungs, thinking about me more, hoping to reach me wherever i was, only with your thought.
Amber was always on your legs, in front of you, and she was looking at you straight in your eyes, and she has sighed, as if she didn’t want break that moment, that seemed really meaningful for you, jumping down from your legs. 
“You will be not completely a magic. But Daria has gave you the magic necessary to make rise again this city”
You wasn’t understanding what Amber was saying you, but slowly she made you understand that you had to spin the face, and you have seen other creatures, who slowly, habiting themselves again to the light of the sun, and slowly, they were giving  life again to the streets, alleys of that, till now, silent city.
Now, in your mind there was just one question, and that question was about to hammer your head.
Listening to the new noises, you was looking at Abe silentely.”


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