“Without realizing” -•11•


You had stay all night on that bench, and that new friend hadn’t take off his little paws from your finger.
It seemed that you was only, his anchor for a better life.
And, by now, he seemed more sure than he was approached to the bench the first time, and now he seemed, was waiting for some more your assuring words.
That strange night was passed fast, and the moon had left the place to the sunrise, and you was thinking more about me than to the other your friends, and something strangely it was creating around.
You was perceiving it, and spinned yourself toward Abe, but he seemed was still sleeping: you just wanted to have some certainty, also a small gesture.
Gesture that, instead, it was arrived you from that strange smiling creature.
“They are awakening. From your arrive, something has shaked this silent city, and little by little, one by one inhabitant is awakening, from his long sleep. I was the first, besides him”- indicating Abe – ” who has noticed you with your small magical track”
You was listening to those words thinking more about me.
In those instants, you was missing me, more than in whatever moment, that you have stay alone in that city.
Little by little, it was would filling itself by others creatures, and you was alone
Our eletric shocks wouldn’t be enough for feel my closiness by side you. And you still didn’t knew, that i was just at at borderline of that city.
Slowly Abe was  awakening, and he finally has could see better who was had joined the company.
While he was stretching his little transparent wings, his almond shaped eyes focused the creature who was talking to you, and he seemed have recognised the creature and with his buzzing voice had saluted him…”Hey Amber!”.
You hadn’t still understood that that one creature was an her.
You seemed embarassed for that, but looking at you, Amber seemed more embaressed than you, and seemed almost excuse herself to be arrived at that bench with the help of the darkness, and for don’t presented herself before that Abe had recognised her.
Without reply anything, just a shyly smile.
While the sunlight was brightening everything around, you have started to look better at Amber.
She was a furry creature, with a sort of  long nails at the place of paws. You have just noticed them, when she approached and she has taken your finger. Her fur was strips fur: brownish and white, and the white strips around her mouth made her seemed always smile.
The color of her eyes were amber, just like her name, and they were spreading alot tenderness.
You have stared her as dazed, while she was talking with Abe about you, while occasionally, she launched you gazes, and you seemed far miles and miles away from that bench.
You have heard just the far buzz of Abe who was talking to Amber.
For a moment your thoughts have abbandoned you, but as soon Abe has nominated me, you was awakened and your eyes has brighted more than usual and all in a sudden a big eletric shock has crossed your mind, and Abe has gave life to your thought, buzzing something that has shaked you inside.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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