For the very first time i’ve seen your arms that embraced me, and not only i felt that magic sensation.
I’ve tightened them closer my belly. And something it says me that is bonded  to what i saw in this open diary.
Maybe i’m a big day dreamer, but few times i wrong.
Perhaps our connection is becoming something really strong, and just trought these tiny things we are realizing that we are linked by that thing that was born five years ago, and just really slowly we are realizing that everything about Our Parallel World isn’t  just fruit of this crazy mind, but it’s something veiled real, that involved our thoughts, our sensations, and above all our eletric shocks.
Now i feel your arms enveloping  more tight my belly.
You here, next to me, and our eletric shocks that wandering cross our minds, and despite our distance, we are more always close
Softly i inhale the air and i can perceive your perfume.
I close the eyes and i can see again your arms that embracing me strong.
Take me far from here.
Take me in Our Parallel World.


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