“When our eletric” -•10•

Shocks have crossed our minds, everything seemed goes faster, and it seemed easier than it could be. 
A warmth seemed enveloping the camper, and that warmth came from me, and surely The Giant Wolf knew it and he, even knew that, if he would have thought to change direction, the camper itself, it have would go  toward the silent city.
The night it was become darker, and the Giant Wolf had much hours over the shoulders, and despite he wanted go on, he had to surrender himself to the tiredness.
He had stopped the camper along the wet street, he slowly he had conviced his son to sleep, saying him:”As soon the sunlight will rising, i promise you, we will leave again.”- “Promise it me” said the puppy wolf. The daddy sistemating him in a blanket, said him:”I do, and now try to sleep”. 
I have assisted to the sweet scene, smiling to both.
All that delicatness of that Giant Wolf, made me think we were surrounded by much love without realizing us of that. 
Then he smiled me, and in a whisper, he wished me good night, rolling up himself became a big ball of fur, and without be able to reply him, i have started to hear his snore.
I have tried to close the eyes, but among what i had in mind and the continue snore, i think to have sleep about twenty or thirty minutes. 
But without realizing, i was accomplishing one thing that i never thought to do.
In the silence, and in that darkness, my thoughts towards you were themselves expanded, and slowly a big energy had enveloped the standing still camper and it has started to leave that parking.
A soft light cloud had enveloped the camper, and was taking it to that silent city.
Not even me, knew what was happening. I realized it just when, by chance, i opened the eyes, in those few minutes after i was fallen asleep. None noise, none shake, nothing of nothing, just the oak wood that were running fast crossing the little window, and above all, none Giant Wolf at the steering wheel. 
For a while i was remained stare, that fast running outside the little window, then a big snore made me look at inside the camper. 
Both my friends were sleeping, one close another. This made asking me where it did went her wife, looking at the Giant Wolf, and where it went her mom, looking at the puppy wolf. 
I threw away the air from the lungs, and i did it thinking about you.
More the camper was approaching itself to that silent city, more my heart beating itself stronger.
And when the first lights of the dusk has illuminated the horizon by an yellowish color, throught the windshield, i have could see some of the roofs of that small agglomerate of buildings.
The soft and light cloud, has made delicately, landed the camper on the ground, and the first birds has started to sing.
I have assisted to the awakening to the Giant Wolf, who has shared  with me a sleepy glance. 
In a whisper, i said him “We arrived. In the night has happened something that i never figured.  I do believe, we stopped here, just for make see your son when we realy would be entered in city.”
The Giant Wolf was looking at himself around still sleepy, but remained shocked by what he was seeing, then he was looking at me mumbling something that in reality i didn’t catch. But i smiled at him.
He went to wake the puppy, who seemed already wake, but he was waiting for the dad wake  him to open the eyes and jump at the window to see the dawn. 
Fortunately he didn’t realize what was happened during the night, and when the dad went at the steering wheel, the little wolf was still looking at himself around, and after few minutes he noticed the roofs of the city, and started to shake his small tail. 
Me and the Giant Wolf have shared a smile, looking at him so happy.
In all that joy of the puppy, all in a sudden, i isolated myself, and immediately i have started to think of you.”



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