Tell me

What are you feeling right now? 
My soft punch is growing, and i feel your closiness surrounding me, 
Delicately i feel your hands enveloping me from behind, and your sweet words are my new oxygen. 
Your hands are pulling me toward you, and sweetly you spinning me. 
I look down. I’m not ready to dive me inside your eyes. 
I throw away all the air in my lungs, when you lift up my face softly, and finally our glance meeting.
My lump in throat is chocking me. 
You are looking at me, like this. 
Everything around us is vanishing, and our slow dance begins.
You tightening me more, and everything around is become as we wish. 
Slowly it is become Our Parallel World.
I close the eyes, and i sigh your name, when i feel you are caressing my face.
I take your hand, and slowly i re-open the eyes, and you are here, staring me.
Your hand sliding along my body and it stops on my hip.
The other has the other hand of mine, leaned delicately, on your chest.
Soflty, you say me “Let’s dance”.
Our glance doesn’t want break themselves one from another.


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