“You was looking” -•9•

At Abe, by now, knowing that there was no need to speak, because he knew, already what you had in your mind, but you had need of some certainty, but even your glance toward him it was only to see a friendly face, and now Abe was the only friend you had.
Abe was feeling what  you was feeling, but he wasn’t tell you what he was hearing besides them.
It was a sensations that he didn’t have feel from long time. A sensation that was being born from the bowels of that silence city.
You have continued  to stare ahead of you, listening to the sound of the sea’s waves go to pieces on the rocks, while the moon was about to take the place of the sun.
Everything around was quite, while something it was growing up, and it was, invisible, and enveloping that silent place.
Slowly,  we had restablished a small contact, and in our deepest, our souls touched, and they had made brighted us, letting us recognize trought our eletric shocks.
Abe was still with his eyes close was fueling his little body of that new oxygen of which he had much need, and maybe, you was realizing, even, how much important the silence was in those instants. 
You have looked at him, still for another moment, gripped on the small branch, then you have continued to shake your head, thinking about what you had just feeling, and your thoughts about me has enveloped you as much that you hadn’t realize that the street lamps of that road turned on, and someone was approaching to that white bench.
You was watching to the moon high in the sky, trying to feeling again those sensations that had crossed your body, just few second earlier, but nothing has happened. 
Just when a soft touch has touched you, you was awakening yourself from that limbo in which you was fallen.
And it wasn’t could be Abe. Not, it wasn’t Abe at all. 
Two big eyes was staring at you, as surprised to see you there, and it seemed he was smiling at you.
You was about to open the mouth, but this creature seemed to be scare himself of your natural gesture: you had understood it, therefore you have closed again the mouth. 
From Abe, you have learnt, that in that silence city, you had only to wait for, and don’t force anything. 
Everything would be come to you respecting its time 
Sweetly you have give back that smile that the creature had given you, and right after you have started to look the moon again, as if he was been always there with you and Abe.
Delicately the new friend, united at this strange company, has approached himself always more to you and he taken one of your finger, as if he wanted be assured of something. 
Without making you see, you have look at that little creature, and in thread of voice you have said: “Don’t worry, it will goes  fine”, whatever you wanted say.
Your tone of voice had spreaded around that bench a sense of tranquility, much that the new friend, was gripped on on you, and without realizing, he was embracing you, and you without scare him, you have caressed him.
Second later your glances met, and shyly he has smiled at you again.
Or was a she? you was questioning yourself, looking at  the glance of that creature that, in someways, has reminded you mine.
Then in silence, you got back to look at the moon, while the little creature was sat again next to you, but it hadn’t left the grip from your finger.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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