You come

Close to me and without say nothing, you sweetly embrace me. Your arms enveloping my belly with all delicatness, and slowly our eletric shocks starting fastly to cross our minds. 
I just can only to close the eyes and throw away the air from the lungs.
The soft punch in the stomach is becoming heavier, and sweetly we are get connect each other.
In these instants we are feeling close to each other. 
I can feel your arms tightening my belly more.
Our connection is making me shaking
It’s seems, slowly, we are involving in a soft spiral that is making approach us, always more.
Your hands pulling me toward you, and everything around us, is becoming veiled.
There is no need to speak. Our heads are spinning like crazies.
My fingers are shaking. 
Everything are vanishing around us.
We are softly smiling us. 
You whispering words that are entering in my soul, and slowly Our Parallel is taking form.
I feel your glance set on me, it’s piercing me, and i can just hold back the breathe for then throw it away from my lungs.
Your arms are tightening me more toward you. My heart is beating hard, and i can feel your closiness beating in my head, and in my deepest, i know you are feeling mine is beating hard inside your.
The soft punch in the stomach is growing up always more rapidly.
I can feel your hand caressing my face, and your whispers are flying in the air.
I’m biting my lips, and you are delicately smiling me.
Softly you are approaching yourself to me and…


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