I could not

Delete the beautiful background of this picture.
You so elegant inside our shack. Our magical shack from where everything was born, also much before i knew that this was your shack. 
I rembember perfectly each angle… and now on my birthday, you come to me with this picture… I just can remain breathless. 
I know it’s just for another event, but the fate had wanted that happened on this day.
From that day, from that dream, it’s a craziness, but more i think to all this, more i think that something bigger than us, more bigger than universe itself, want unite us always more.
I’m looking at in your great blue eyes, and i can just shake my head, and everything make me feel how we are close one another, despite our real distance. 
And everything make me think, that one visualization it was you, and it make me beat my heart hard.
Around me i feel your perfume, and i want it more.
Your eyes seems that are staring me and you seem say me under voice “Happy Birthday my sweetest princess”
I’m still throwing away air from the lungs.
I would like to sweetly kiss you….Maybe one day, who knows.
While our connection is growing up more.
I would like to dive inside your eyes to remain there, making me lullying by your breathe.
… Our connection 


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