“Caressing- •8•

The bristly fur of the little puppy wolf, i have started to tell him another our adventures, and my words seemed running fast and enveloping the camper in a silky sensation, that not only me, could have feeling.
My words seemed make the camper fly on that rainy street, and everybody seemed enchanted by what we had done to set free Blue City, just few hours before.
But now it seemed passed an interminable time, from the last time we embraced us in that storage room.
More i went on with my stories, more the two wolves seemed involved themselves in what they were hearing, and more my words were filling that camper, more the camper itself seemed had no need of the driver. 
Slowly, and even, without realizing, the Giant Wolf had left the steering wheel of the camper, and, by now, he was sure of  one thing: till i would continue to tell them our adventures, the camper itself have would continue to go on, without meet any danger.
We floated among my words. It seemed that we were flying on a flying carpet, and everything it seemed so light, even my thoughts.
My heart was starting to beat harder, when for a moment when i rembembered when you have taken me among your arms and we had continue to walk exceeding that borderline.
“And then what happened?” asked me the puppy wolf. I smiled at him and i continued to tell, and right after, a moment of  silence in which everything floating. 
My emotions has became bigger than i had imagined, and all in a sudden, all that magic that my words had created, slowly was vanishing, just in time to realize that we had to take again the control of the camper, and the Giant Wolf has taken again the steering wheel.
I threw away all the air from the lungs and my thoughts, with all the soul, were going at you. 
Under voice  i whispered your name, while everything around us, was getting back normal.
But that whisper seemed contains the biggest magic.
Looking at the sun that was diving itself in the sea, on that white bench, you have felt one big chill along all your body, and right after you have started to feel the eletric shocks that till now, had caraterized our love. Our connection.
You estranged yourself a moment from what you was seeing. A beautiful sunset.
Everything around you it was becoming the most useless thing, even if  in that instant, the universe was showing you one of the greatest show of that world. 
You didn’t care, and slowly you had turned a glance toward Abe, who with his almond shaped eyes closed, knew what you was feeling.
There was no need to speak. 
Just a name flew in the air. 
And your soul got calmed itself for a while.
A tiny tear fell from my face as darkness fell in front of us as the camper sped by on the road.”



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