That’s how

I felt you when you have sweetly woke me, then i was feel asleep again among your arms.
You was looking at me, while your breathe was lullying me and you heart was taking me inside Our Parallel World.
Now, our eletric shock are slowly crossing our minds. It’s from two days that they are caressing us.
Your whispers surrounding me, and slowly we get connect.
I feel your hands enveloping my belly and delicately you start to make me dance. That our slow dance, in our apartament.
Our breathe are merging softly, one in another, and at the same instants we close the eyes, and we feel one inside another.
That’s fill us of something bigger than us. 
I looking at you, and you are smiling, trying to say me something, but i put my shaking finger on your lips.
“I want just look at you”.
Delicatly and slowly you approach yourself to me.
Our foreheads touching.
Without realizing, we are sweetly kissing, dancing our slow dance.
Our connection is growing up. 


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