“And in that” -•7•

Exact instant, something has thrill me so much that i said your name aloud, and i started to look at me around with wide eye open.
The little wolf next to the driver, has spinned himself, smiling me, but then he has looked at his dad a bit worried.
The Giant Wolf slowed his driving, and then he asked me if i was ok. “Not sure. I was sure to have hear the voice of Luke who was calling me” i replied him still confused.
I got back to stare outside the little window, while the Giant Wolf got back to drive the camper at a normal speed, assured himself  that everything was real ok.
With a gentle tone of voice, he has asked me to tell him about you.
Nobody till now ever done it.
Slowly i have started to tell of how we have met, and of  those many things we had done, and of how was great our love was.
My words came out with all an incredible naturalness, and more those words came out, more inside in that camper, it seemed creating itself a magical atmosphere.
The wolf puppy had left the place next to the daddy to come close to me.
My words had enchanted him, just like if i was telling a fairytale.
I have repeated the same exact words that you had told Abe: “It’s from when we have met each other in the Phillp’s bar, that we didn’t ever have separated us, and now it seems a whole life…” As soon i finished that phrase, another thrill crossed me, as if something from inside it was chocking me, and little by little a lump in throat has grow up, and i wasn’t been capable to continue, even if the little wolf was looking at him waiting for to hear more. He was giving me sweet warheads, but my thoughts about you were crowding my mind that i didn’t noticed his insistance
When i awakened from that little isolation moment, the little wolf was still staring at me, and his sweet face was leaned on my legs. 
I shyly smiled at him.
I took a look at outside the little window to the oak woods was running fast, and like that oak woods was running fast, from my mouth was came out a question:”What’s the next city that we will meet?”. The little wolf  has lifted his face half asleep for a second, then he started to sleep again, but always careful of what was happening around.
That question was for the Wolf who was driving. Before to reply me, he had checked the map on dashboard, and with some uncertainty, he replied me:” It’s marked as unnamed city, it’s strange, but it seems be next to the sea. It seem unihabitated. We will reach it in few hours. Why?” he asked. 
I held back the breathe for a second, then i replied him just saying: “It was just a curiosity, thanx”
Instead, inside me was growing a sensation, that  just in that unnamed city, i would meet you again, and on my face was being born a great smile, and i have shared it with the little wolf next to me. 
“Do you want still hear some our stories?” He shaked his small tail, so i started to tell him another our adventure.
With the Giant Wolf driving the camper, instead i had shared a smile from the rearview mirror.”


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“Caressing- •8•⇒

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