Your embrace- 30th open letter to Luke

Slowly it has woke me, and your breathe has enveloped me. 
You have tightened me stronger than usual, as if you had fear to lose me.
I teel you it now: you will ever lose me.
Our connection is something magical, and nobody can’t break it.
You are embracing me strong, you are looking at me delicately. 
I feel your arms sliding on my body, and your smile is surrounding me, an di can only dive myself inside of it.
Inguz, has wanted say us something important last night.
We throw away the air from the lungs, waiting for.
Your eyes are so gentle, and your smile making thrill me.
Your glance is whispering something that only my soul can decipher, but it is making me shake.
If i rembember how was strong your embrace when i woke, my thought run fast to you  and i would like to say you how are became important for my life, and maybe our connection has born to say us, in someways, how much we need each other
Isn’t presumption, i think, i know you need someone to talk with, without to think who you are. Like this, naturally.
Even this is being part of Our Parallel World. 
Our Magic World.
We know it. It is so.


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