“Now – •6•

Was Abe who was looking at you, with those strange eyes and he was about to say you something, but he understood immediately that you have didn’t have realized what you had done, and he remained to look at you lost in your thoughts.
But, right after, you have lifted the face and you have met his black eyes, Abe has sighed: “I do believe, wherever she is, she has listen to your words…Look outside!” 
You had hoped to see me, but wasn’t so, but in the sky, your lastest words, had taken form, and they were flying free.
“It hadn’t happened for some time” sighing Abe, staring that words, slowly transforming themselves in something just tangible.
Abe knew what it was happened, but he just wanted to dilate that moment as much as long possible, and slowly, in silence got back on the little branch on the counter.
You was looking still outside, while the soft breeze was taking away that little magic away from that silent city. 
Abe knew what  was in your mind, and he didn’t want disturb you, but he said you with his buzzing:”Let’s go out, i wanna show you something!”
He made understand you, that you had to pick that little branch with him gripped on, so you did it.
Outside there was a white bench, and there you sat. Abe, gripped on that little and thin branch, for a second remained in silence.
It seemed that, he was tasting that moment that he was waiting for long time.
You could wait for all the time. You had no hurry, on the contrary. 
In those seconds, you have could study Abe in each his particular: his small body was yellow with black strips, but the yellow was the predominant color of his body, and the black stripes seemed just part a kind of tiny lungs from which Abe was breathing, and surely, his little trasperent wings, could not make him fly. And finally those strange eyes, they seemed really to belong to an alien. Black and almond-shaped.
In those moments, who was enjoining more of the freedom, seemed really Abe.
You was looking at him keeping that little branch in your hand. 
In that silence, even you seemed have found a instants of peace, looking at that little creature.
Your thoughts and your glances were going far, but in someways you was approaching yourself to me.
“That’s what i mean” said Abe making you jolt. Abe hasn’t add further explanation. 
Other no spoken words were flying in the air. 
He just added in a small whisper:”If your connection is strong, as i think, within short time…” he didn’t finished what he was saying.
It would been useless. You would not have listen to him.
Your glance was looking at what it was in front of you: a piece of sea, and his sound it was merging with the gentle breeze that it was spreading around.
Abe was breathing new air that it was entering in his small lungs.
Everything seemed starting again from that little instant.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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“And in that” -•7•⇒

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