“You was staring” – •5•

At this little creature, that it seemed more a cocoon than a flying creature, but more it was opening itself in front of  you, it was discovering itself his real nature. It could be a bee, but his eyes covered most part of his strange body, and those eyes were set on you, while  he was gripping himself on a little branch, put on the counter, for him.
You was still speechless.
You knew, that he was talking about every thoughts you had in mind, and they were alot; not even you, knew from where starts, if ever you had need to start to speak.
The flying tiny creature looking at you for a bit, waiting for you, but it was useless.
“For first all, you aren’t don’t going crazy. Yes i’m  capable to read the mind, and nice to meet you  Luke, i’m Abe.”
“From where we can start?” he was continuing. 
You was still looking at him, as if you wanted to studying him, but you have stopped, as soon he asked you:”From which question you want start? Let me guess… Where am i?”
You was understanding that Abe was put up a strategy to break away this silence, that it was lasting from a bit.
You just nodded. Abe looking at you, said you:”Please drink some sips or i will do it for you”.
Slowly you have taken the glass from the counter, and with the same slowliness you have drank.
“I have million of questions, but the most important… where is Daria?”
When you have said my name, a sense void, detachment, has enveloped you, and you didn’t care where you was. 
Immediately, Abe understood the importance of that question, and he left the small branch on the counter to come closer to you.
You was looking at him who was coming closer, at the end he jumped on your back of  the hand, and his big eyes seemed scrutinize your soul.
It seemed he had the right reply for every your question, but for that one, it seemed that you must have would to find the reply alone.
You knew it too, and Abe just nodded. You threw away the air from the lungs.
While Abe was telling you everything about that place, little by little, in your mind, everything ity was clearing itself.
When we fell asleep in the storage room of Blue City, it wasn’t only  our impression that everything around us was dissappearing, but we were us, who were leaving that place, across another tunnel in the universe.
But the main question was remaining: “You have would meet me again?” 
You was questioning Abe just looking at his alien eyes, and with his few facial expression, he could given you some replies, but that in reality, weren’t not even, replies, but just glances of circumstance.
You threw away again all the air from the lungs, looking at you around the empty local, and then you have drank another sips of that glass of beer not longer iced.
“It’s from when we have met each other in the Phillp’s bar, that we didn’t ever have separated us, and now it seems a whole life…”  you have sighed.
For an instants, those words were remained suspended in the air, and the light wind that entered, seemed taken them away, for set them free in the sky. 
Now those who remained without to breathe has been Abe, for what he had as soon seen.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓⇓


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