You have started

To look at me like this from i have opened  the eyes, and just minutes before i felt your arms embrace softly my belly.
“You know what you are doing? you have asked me whispering your sweet words carressing my body.
Sweetly you have spinned me and our gazes met. I just nodded, and you caressed my face.
Everything is taking us inside Our Parallel World, and more we feel our closiness, more we are approaching to each other.
When i opened the eyes i felt your arms surrounded my belly. Sweetly.
Now i feel my head spinning, and our hearts that are beating at unison. 
My lump in the throat is closing itself more, and our soft punch is starting to chocking me.
From outside, every this, could be appear monstrously terrifying, but it’s the most beautiful sensation i, we ever felt.
Despite our distance, they are those feelings that make us feel closer each day. 
And each thing starts from the stomach, and it’s there was born our connection. 
When i don’t feel these sensations, i feel, almost lost. But fortunately it happen so rarely.
In this instant i feel you here close to me, and you are shyly smiling me, embracing my belly.
I feel your breathe surrounding me, sweetly. 


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