“That rain” – •4•

That beated on the roof of that camper, it was reminding me when we remaining in bed all day, embraced one another.
I was staring outside from the little window, and that small rythm, it was reminding me also our hearts when they beating at unison. If i had closing the eyes i have could feel, even your skin perfume. 
I was missing you badly, but in someways i was distracted by the tenderness of that giant wolf with his son. 
They seemed had refueling also of food.
The camper had just need to stop for a bit. From what i understood they were traveling from days, and the camper was just accusing much what that it had done in these hours.
I heard the giant wolf reccomending himself to his son to make less noise possible when he would be got back in the camper.
“She most likely still sleeping…”
Despite his look, apparently brutal, he was gentle, and altought they were taking me away from you, i was getting fond of them, as much make me find awake, when they would be got back in the camper.
That solitude rain was entering inside me, and i wanted distract myself just for a bit by your absence.
Maybe they would have explained me how i was entered in their lives, and because i wasn’t next to you in that storage room of Blue City.
The rain and grey clouds, had obscured that day, and when the giant wolf with his son, have opened the doors of the camper, the internal lights turned on, and with all the silence that a giant wolf and his son, could do, they entered. 
I was silent, under the blanket, i was staring them, hoping one of them, spinning himself. 
I didn’t long to wait. The little wolf spinned himself, and our eyes met. I shyly smiled him, and right after he said, without take off his eyes from me: “Daddy, daddy, she’s….awake!” and the wolf to the leading spinned himself too. 
Finally our eyes were meeting. I smiled him more, and from my mouth it was came out just a: “Hello..”
“How are you? Did you have rest enough?” he asked me, making attention to don’t scared me more than usual. 
He knew that his aspect could scare, but i shared him a sweet glance, and trought of it, he has immediatly understood everything i was feeling for him and his sweet son: tenderness and grateful.
He has offered me something to drink and above all, something to eat. 
While i was taking a drink from the bag, that he was offerring me, he has started to gently speak.
“This rascal here, has noticed you on the floor on the street. You seemed fainted. I checked you was ok: no wounds; just this one on the leg, but it was bandaged, already” so i taken you and i brought you in the camper. And now, here we are”. 
I looked at him then his son for a second in silence, then i looked at my leg, and immediately my thoughts were go to you.
“What’s happened you…?  asked the rascal with a sweet smile. I looked at him with an assuring smile, but i just shrugged, launching a gaze to the dad, who likely knew, what was really happened, but didn’t wanted scare his son. 
While i was looking at outside the little window, the camper  has left again, going to the next city.
I was thinking to you, looking at the oak woods running fast cross the little window.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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