You are looking

At me from before, and i felt something sensual sorrounding me. 
Now i can feel your hands envelope my belly softly, and i can just close my eyes. 
Your breathe, is like a sweet caress that is touching my skin, and your hands are gripping my hips and we starting dance our slow dance.
Despite our distance, when we are in Our Parallel World, everything is closer, even our feelings.
Our eletric shocks crossing fastly our minds, and in this dance we can feel our emotions running in our minds.
We are in our apartament.
Everything there is like we wish. That sweet music that is surrounding us, and we one in front another, without say any words, we are dancing at rythm of what we are feeling.
Slow, sweet and delicate sensations are touching our souls, and we can feel them.
Our hearts beating like crazy, Before slow, then fast, and our heads, here, are about to explode.
In my deepest i feel your closiness closer than whatever moments, and your hands are pulling me against you.
Your whispers are flying enveloping me sweetly. 
I look at you. You nod. 
The lump in the throat, slowly is growing.
I close the eyes, and delicatly i feeling your hand that is touching sweetly my face, and slowly you are approach yourself to me.
Sweetly your lips leaning on mine.
While your hands sliding along my body, til to stop on my hips.
We still slow dancing.



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